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Discover 6 reasons to share your love of flying as a Flying Instructor…

Start working before you obtain your CPL in a unique and exciting position.

Only a handful of people required, could this be you?

Here’s why you will enjoy working with PathFinder Aviation…

  • You’ll be respected and asked questions, for your feedback, and as a form of education
  • You can share your experiences, challenges and ideas and feel appreciated in our weekly team meetings
  • You’ll learn and be in control of our systems, without intense supervision
  • You’ll be treated how we want you to treat and talk to our customers
  • Your role is important and significant as we’re a small, but fast growing company
  • You’ll develop a strong foundation for your career in a company that has a pathway for you to develop professionally.
  • Your attitude is more important than decades of experience with every qualification under the sun. We believe a great attitude makes you teachable to our teamwork way of operating in business.

If you relate to the above points and want to be part of an exceptional team where you’ll bring value, ideas and know-how and also learn new methods, with accountability to KPI’s and results, you are the person we are looking for.

To work as a Recreational Flight Instructor, you will need an RAAus Flight Instructor Rating (FIR). Qualifications required prior to commencing our FIR course are:-

  • RAAus Pilot Certificate
  • Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane).
  • CPL(A) Theory Subjects completed.
  • 115 hours Total Experience including 20 hours RAAus PIC or
  • 115 hours Total Experience including 65 hour PIC.
  • RAAus or GFA experience during your training is preferred.

Training to be undertaken:-

  • RAAus Flight Instructor Rating.

The first step is to call to talk. Yes talk, NOT to send a resume, because attitudes are best demonstrated by talking, not by words in a resume.

Call now to chat with David, our CEO, on 0402 830 146 (your resume is not required at this stage).

Our Flight Instructor Rating Course

You can make a career as a Recreational Flight Instructor, progressing through the ranks from Instructor to Senior Instructor then on to Chief Flying Instructor. Or with some experience under your belt you can transition across to a CASA Flight Instructor Rating and work your way up in the GA instructing world. Many pilots work as instructors early in their career, then (with many hours of flying experience in their logbooks) move on to fly charter or for the airlines.

In addition to training in the aircraft, there is a Principles and Methods of Instruction (PMI) theory course and briefing practice to complete.

The Flight Instructor Rating package includes –

  • 35.0 hours of flying:
    • 23.5 hours of dual (Sling 2 and Jabiru 170)
    • 10 hours of mutual practice with another student (Sling 2 and Jabiru 170)
    • 1.5 hours aircraft hire for flight test and Test Fee
    • All landing fees
  • Principals and Methods of Instruction (PMI) course, Textbook and CASA Exam Fee
  • 100+ hours briefing practise with Instructors.

The FIR package can be paid in 3 instalments:-

  • First payment is a non-refundable deposit of $1000 to secure your place on the course
  • Second payment of $6000 is made after the PMI test
  • Third payment of $6000 is made after 10 hours of flying


  • Full package paid in advance: $12,500 (incl $500 discount).

For more information talk to the guys in the office, call on 3255 5734 or email