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Want to start flying?

Turn your dreams of flying into reality by taking part in flying lessons with PathFinder Aviation at Archerfield Airport located on the southside of Brisbane.

Anyone 14 or over can take advantage of this opportunity to pilot an aircraft and learn how to fly. All you have to do is take the first step and book in an interview or Discovery Flight with PathFinder Aviation.

We have flight lessons available for beginners looking to experience the wonders of flight for the first time right up to flying enthusiasts who wish to take professional flying lessons to get a Pilot Certificate or Pilot Licence.

Whatever level of experience you have, our flight instructors will guide and train you as you take flight.

Why Choose PathFinder Aviation for your flight training?

You can enjoy affordable and safe flying in a supportive and fun environment with PathFinder Aviation. Your continued enjoyment of flying is contingent on not just being able to fly an aircraft but also, to safely operate an aircraft in complex real-world situations.

Your training will focus on your attitude & motivation, knowledge, preparation, experience, situational awareness, judgement & decision making, and skills & recency to ensure that you build the strongest foundation for your continued flying and development.

The PathFinder Aviation syllabus includes sufficient flying for a typical part-time student to develop into a well-rounded pilot. Fixed price lessons allow you to budget; and you have the flexibility to complete the Training Program at your pace.

Guarantee 1 – A realistic program with sufficient number of lessons so that you are safe, competent and confident at the completion of your training.

Guarantee 2 – To dedicate proper time and resources to complete your training to your schedule.

Guarantee 3 – To train you using a syllabus that emphasises foundational skills and decision making so that you will be inspired to learn and love flying.

Guarantee 4 – To keep you informed of your progress and what’s coming up next.

Guarantee 5 – There will be no hidden “extras”. We will not charge you extra for GST, briefings, headset hire, landing fees or AirServices charges. You are able to rely on our Fixed Price Lessons to budget for your training.

Added Bonus 1 – You will receive all your learning resources and reading material up front so that you can be properly prepared for every lesson. Enabling you to get the best value out of every flight.

Added Bonus 2 – Your flights are recorded on our in-cockpit camera so that you can review and revise every flight. If you are having trouble remembering procedures or understanding Air Traffic Control (ATC), simply watch and listen to it all again at home.

Added Bonus 3 – You will learn in a school that teaches both Recreational and General Aviation in the same manner. You will be taught the right way from the start so that you will not have to unlearn poor attitudes and habits later.

When you put all these guarantees and benefits together it gives you incredible value for money when considering PathFinder Aviation for your flight training. More importantly it gives you very good peace of mind about your flight training.

When considering other companies, if you are obtaining other quotes, we suggest you compare apples with apples. What is not written into any quotes cannot be assumed to be in the price from any provider. Many companies will provide you with a fantasy quote that only covers the minimum required hours. Very few students will achieve the required standards in the minimum time. Our syllabus is based on typical times taken by part-time students.

Many companies will exclude briefings, landing fees and GST from their quotes to hide the true cost of flying with them. For any companies who want you to simply “trust” them with few details specified in their quotes, we have this advice….buyer beware!


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Discovery Flight Gift Certificates

Give the joy of flying!
With an experienced instructor by their side, they will get to take the controls. They can take part in a 30-minute or 60-minute flight – the choice is yours!

Sling 2 at Archerfield QLD.

Book your Discovery Flight!

Contact us to book your Discovery Flight, and take the controls of the aircraft with an experienced Flight Instructor beside you and experience the joy of flying first-hand.

Flights available 7 days a week.

Come and meet us!

Book a time to meet with a Senior Instructor so that we can best understand your needs, discover your passion and dreams, and help you understand the best flight training pathway for you.

Realise Your Dreams of Becoming a Pilot

If you’re not 100% sold on putting your dreams of flying into action, let us show you that flying with PathFinder Aviation is the best value, completely safe, and serious fun by visiting us in person before booking your flying lesson.

You can find us at Victa Avenue, off Mortimer Road, on the south side of Archerfield Airport in Archerfield.

Speak with our Chief Flying Instructor, meet the team, see the aircraft and have your questions answered. When you’re ready, we’ll book you in for your first lesson.

Still not convinced? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page where common questions about our flight training in Brisbane are answered to put your mind at ease.

Your flying lessons can be conducted either full-time or on days and times that suit you on a regular basis. Whenever you want to fly, we are available for lessons - even early mornings and weekends.