Commercial Pilot Licence

Commercial Pilot Licence

Commercial Pilot Licence

Take Control of Your Career
You can enjoy affordable and safe flying in a supportive and fun environment with PathFinder Aviation. On completion of your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), you will be ready to start your charter or airline career.

Your CPL is an internationally recognised Licence and can be converted to a local Licence in any other country.

Fully flexible, fixed price lessons allow you to study and fly at a pace that suits you and your budget.

Accelerated, fixed price courses are available if you are able to commit to full time flying training.

CPL Training Program
Your continued enjoyment of flying is contingent on not just being able to fly an aircraft, but also to safely operate an aircraft in complex real-world situations. Your training will focus on your knowledge, preparation, situational awareness, judgement and decision making to ensure that you build the strongest foundation for your continued flying and development.

The syllabus includes sufficient flying for a typical part-time student to develop into a well-rounded pilot. Fixed price lessons allow you to budget and you have the flexibility to complete the Training Program at your pace. You can commence your CPL Training Program at any time, but you must be at least 15 years of age to go solo and 18 years of age to complete your Commercial Pilot Licence.

Top notch Instruction by exceptional Instructors. PathFinder’s syllabus exceeds the minimums you will find at other flight schools and is designed to push you to earn a qualification. They are not a sausage factory and put an emphasis on continuing education after obtaining a licence. Highly recommended. 5 Stars.” - Jonathan

Fully flexible, fixed price lessons allow you to study and fly at your pace.

Having completed your PPL via one of our four Pathways…

Private Pilot Licence completed in :-  Cessna 172 Tomahawk & C172 Sling 2 & C172 Sling 2 & Tomahawk & C172
Typical Total PPL Cost $44,606  $43,187  $44,377  $45,540 
Typical Total PPL Logbook Hours 72* hrs  74* hrs  78* hrs  82* hrs 


Your CPL is then obtainable as follows…

Hour Building Phase – prerequisite to achieve hours for CPL

Sling 2 (70* hrs)  16,198  (66* hrs)  15,272 
Tomahawk (74* hrs)  19,287 
Cessna 172 (96* hrs)  32,787  (20* hrs)    6,996  (20* hrs)    6,996  (20* hrs)    6,996 
 CPL Exam Textbooks & reference books 878  878  878  878 
 CASA CPL Theory Exams 1,238  1,238  1,238  1,238 
 CASA Class 1 Medical and tests 850  850  850  850 
Typical Hour Building Phase Cost $35,753  $29,249  $26,160  $25,234 

CPL Phase

General flying CPL aircraft (Cessna 182) 6,293  6,293  6,293  6,293 
4 Simulator lessons 1,548  1,548   1,548  1,548 
5 Dual & Solo CPL Navigation lessons 9,660  9,660  9,660  9,660 
CPL Flight Test & fees 2,186  2,186  2,186  2,186 
Typical CPL Phase Cost $19,687  $19,687  $19,687  $19,687 
Typical Total CPL Cost $100,046  $92,123  $90,224  $90,461 
Minimum CPL Logbook Hours 204* hrs  204* hrs  204* hrs  204* hrs 


*The syllabus and testing required to be awarded your CPL is competency based and the actual hours taken to achieve competency will vary depending on your natural ability, individual rate of learning, frequency of lessons and your preparation and study between lessons. It may take you more time.

Prices are current as at 1 January 2021, and are subject to change.

Your Next Steps
• Book your Discovery Flight to experience the joy of flying first hand.
• Book a time to meet with a Senior Instructor so that we can best understand your needs, discover your passion and dreams and help you understand the best training pathway for you.

Further Opportunities
• Recreational Flight Instructor Rating to launch your career.
• Night Rating (NVFR) for flexibility to fly at night.