About Us

Our Mission Statement
To provide excellent, effective, value for money aviation training in an environment which models, teaches and requires safety and enjoyment of flying.

Why you should learn to fly with PathFinder Aviation

PathFinder Aviation started with the idea that if the instructors are friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and the students aren’t mucked around, we could create a flying school that would turn ordinary but motivated people into great pilots.

We offer flight lessons for beginners, looking to fly for the first time, right up to flying enthusiasts who are wanting to take professional flying lessons to get a Pilot Certificate or Pilot Licence.

Value, Safety and Fun are our core values here at PathFinder Aviation.

Located at Archerfield Airport, PathFinder Aviation is the best place to start your journey.

If you want to find out more call us on (07) 3255 5734 to book in your first lesson! 

PathFinder Aviation - the flying school at Archerfield that provides the best value, real safety, serious fun.

What we do...

We provide the best Value flying training in Brisbane

We provide the lowest cost pathway to RA-Aus Pilot Certificate (PC), Navigation (NAV), Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL), Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) at Archerfield.

Our price includes everything and we don’t charge extra for GST, landing fees, Air Services charges, fuel surcharges, credit card surcharges, headset hire, map hire, exam fees, student services fees, or consumables.

You don't have to pay upfront for your flying training.

You are provided with all the briefing materials up front so that when you come in for your lesson, you can be better prepared.

We have a great location, with the shortest taxi times for every flight. Less time taxiing means more time flying.

We record every flight on a GoPro so that you can review your flights. If you take the time to review your lessons and then refresh your memory again prior to the next flying lesson you will pick it up quicker, be safer and save money.

You will learn in modern, comfortable and reliable aircraft that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to take your family in.

Flying lessons at times that suit you. We’re available when you want to fly, this includes early mornings and weekends.

We focus on real Safety

Real safety is the direct outcome of standards you accept in the things you do and will not do. We will give you the knowledge and tools to make safe decisions about:-

  • flight planning,
  • fuel planning,
  • assessing the weather and forecasts,
  • pre-flight inspection of the aircraft,
  • aircraft knowledge,
  • radio and communication procedures,
  • threat and error management,
  • recency and skill level, and
  • your preparedness and suitability for each flight.

Sometimes the best decision you can make is to not fly. Take-offs are optional, landings are mandatory.

After every flight we will take the time to talk about what worked well and what needs to be worked on. Open communication about safety occurrences, incidents and accidents is critical to the safe operation of all aircraft. This applies to all pilots and Instructors, no matter their skills or experience. If you have trouble admitting your faults and failures, then flying lessons may not be for you.

You will have serious Fun!

Flying is fun. But only if it done safely, see above.

Our Instructors are hand-picked for their relaxed, easy going manner which will keep you in the best headspace to learn. At PathFinder you won’t find cranky old Air Force instructors still living in the 60’s or frustrated airline wannabes who are never going to make it. Our Instructors are good at what they do and they do it for the love of flying. You will get more from your flying lessons if you are relaxed.

We host regular social events where you can spend time with other pilots, relaxing, swapping stories and learning from each other. You will meet other like-minded pilots, develop friendships and even fly together.

Who We Are....

David Stehbens – Chief Flying Instructor

Dave has been flying since 2005 and founded PathFinder Aviation in 2011. Dave is an active RAAus and GA Instructor with thousands of hours of instructing experience. He has trained hundreds of pilots and regularly flies with all of our instructors to standardise the instructing procedures, techniques and to ensure their proficiency. He will fly with you during your flying lessons to check on your progress or send you solo.

When not at work – Family, soccer referee.

Favourite flight so far – Over western Queensland channel country after rain.

His bucket list flight – A PC-6 Porter on a one way strip in Papua.

Pilot Training Flying School-Brisbane
Flying School Instructor-Brisbane

Ian Lambert – Senior Instructor

Ian has been flying since 2009 and started with PathFinder in 2017. He has completed his ATPL theory exams and Griffith Aviation degree.  Ian has completed his Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi Engine Class Rating and Instrument Rating. 

When not at work – Enjoying being a new Dad, plays poker and enjoys outdoor adventures. 

Favourite flight so far – Trip over King's Canyon and Uluru.

His bucket list flight – King Air or Pilatus PC-12 flying. 

Owera Janlongsin (OJ) – Senior Instructor

OJ started flying in 2013 as a glider pilot, and received her "C" certificate.She started flying as a student with PathFinder in 2013, and commenced as an Instructor in 2019. She has her Commercial Pilot Licence and has just completed her ATPL theory exams.

When not at work – playing musical instruments, car and motorcycle cruises. 

Favourite flight so far – Red Bull air race aerobatics in an Extra 300L 

Her bucket list flight – Flying in a Supermarine Spitfire. 

Flying School Instructor-Brisbane
Flying School-Brisbane

Caleb Hill – Senior Instructor

Caleb started flying in 2018 and joined PathFinder as an instructor in 2020. Caleb has completed his Commercial Pilots Licence, Multi Engine Instrument Rating and all ATPL theory exams. 

When not at work – At the gym, travelling, thinking of flying.  

Favourite flight so far – Aerobatics in a Super Decathlon. 

His bucket list flight – IFR approach into Queenstown, NZ. 

Chris Rackl – Senior Instructor

The "German" amongst our flight instructors - so don't show up late or unprepared!

Looking back at a 22 year of flying fast jets in the German Air Force as WSO, instructor and fighter weapons instructor with almost 3000 military flying hours. Started flying "lawnmowers" again in Australia in 2015 and has been an instructor with PathFinder since 2019. Bachelor of Aeronautical Science, Aviation Consultant (Quality & Safety) and a true maths and physics nerd... don't start a conversation, he won't stop until you are proficient in Einstein's theory of relativity!

When not at work – flying privately, talking about flying, maths and physics.  

Favourite flight so far – sorry, that's a national secret... he could tell you, but then... 

His bucket list flight – flying as a crop duster and water bomber. 

Flying School-Brisbane