RA-Aus Pilot Certificate

RA-Aus Pilot Certificate 


Your Ticket to Fun
You can enjoy affordable and safe flying in a supportive and fun environment with PathFinder Aviation. Your Pilot Certificate (PC) allows you to fly a two-seat recreationally registered aircraft in the local area.

Your Pilot Certificate is a great foundation for your Recreational Pilot Licence, Private Pilot Licence or even your Commercial Pilot Licence.

Pilot Certificate Training Program
Your continued enjoyment of flying is contingent on not just being able to fly an aircraft but also, to safely operate an aircraft in complex real-world situations.

Your training will focus on your attitude & motivation, knowledge, preparation, experience, situational awareness, judgement & decision making, and skills & recency to ensure that you build the strongest foundation for your continued flying and development.

The syllabus includes sufficient flying for a typical part-time student to develop into a well-rounded pilot. Fixed price lessons allow you to budget and you have the flexibility to complete the Training Program at your pace. You can commence your Pilot Certificate Training Program at any time, but you must be at least 15 years of age to fly solo and complete your Pilot Certificate.

Fly the sporty Sling 2 for your Pilot Certificate
You need to be 155cm – 195cm tall, 90kg maximum weight, 13 years old to start lessons and 15 years old to fly solo and complete your Pilot Certificate.

Recreational Pilot Licence
33* Fixed Price Lessons in Sling 2 @ $487 / lesson 16,137 
4 Theory Lessons @ $291 /  lesson 1,164 
 RA-Aus Student Membership 357 
Student Starter Kit (online access,textbooks, logbook & manuals) 497 
24/7 mobile access to briefings on groundschool.com.au 100 
 CASA Class 2 Medical Exam & CASA processing fee 314 
Pilot Certificate Flight Test & RA-Aus processing fee 646 
Typical Total RA-Aus Pilot Certificate Cost $19,115 
Typical Total PC Logbook Hours 38* hrs 

* The syllabus and testing required to be awarded your Pilot Certificate is competency based and the actual hours taken to achieve competency will vary depending on your natural ability, individual rate of learning, frequency of lessons and your preparation and study between lessons. It may take you more or less time.

Prices are current as at 1 January 2024, and are subject to change.

Your Next Steps

• Book your Discovery Flight to experience the joy of flying first hand.
• Book a time to meet with a Senior Instructor so that we can best understand your needs, discover your passion and dreams and help you understand the best training pathway for you.

Further Opportunities

• Passenger Endorsement to share the experience with a friend.
• Cross Country Endorsement to explore more of Australia.
• Recreational Pilot Licence for the challenge to fly larger aircraft.
• Private Pilot Licence for freedom to see the world.
• Recreational Flight Instructor Rating to launch your career.
• Night Rating (NVFR) for flexibility to fly at night.
• Commercial Pilot Licence will give you control of your charter or airline career.

First solo flight at PathFinder

I loved learning to fly with PathFinder Aviation, they
were passionate about helping me achieve my dream.
OJ Pilot Certificate and PPL