Ground School

Ground School

Navigation Exercise. PPL Ground School PathFinder Aviation offers in-house Ground School courses delivered by our knowledgeable flight instructors. The benefit of this for our students is the ground school theory is delivered by someone that also does your practical instruction. This allows us to put our theory into practice!

The PathFinder Ground School operates throughout the year running a number of ground theory courses and are specifically tailored to those completing their training part time by holding evening courses. Each of our courses are currently delivered on Tuesday nights from 5:30pm to 8:30pm across three weeks and will help you prepare for your theory examinations.

Our ground school covers all the knowledge you will need up to a Private Pilot Licence:

  • Pre-Solo (Both RA-Aus and CASA)
  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (for the RA-Aus Pilot Certificate and the CASA Recreational Pilot Licence)
  • Private Pilot Licence
  • Navigation Preparation and Planning
  • Radio Operators Licence

Each course is $250 and is open to both PathFinder students and external students. Register your place by Friday prior to the course commencing.

Benefits of the Ground School

  • Learning in a group environment can enhance your knowledge.
  • An instructor directs you through your study.
  • Affordable rates – each course is $250 which includes 9 hours with an instructor.
  • Suitable for part-time students as courses are conducted one evening per week.

Upcoming Ground School Course Dates

Pre-Solo Course – commencing Tuesday 25 September

BAK Course – commencing Tuesday 23 October

PPL Course – commencing Tuesday 20 November

NAV Preparation & Planning – TBD

RA-Aus Instructor Course commencing February 2019  – see for more information

Individual Tutoring

PathFinder Aviation offers individual exam preparation to supplement what you have learnt in your theory courses. Individual tutoring is useful for those that may have done some self-study or a previous course and feel they need some additional support to pass the examination.

Individual Ground School sessions are $77 per hour.