Become a Pilot – RA AUS Pilot Certificate

How to Become a Pilot – Obtain a RA AUS Pilot Certificate

When taking part in pilot training in Brisbane with Pathfinder Aviation, your first step towards your journey on how to become a pilot is to complete your Pilot Certificate.

With a Pilot Certificate in hand, you will be able to fly a light sports aircraft unassisted. Practically anyone can take part in Pilot Certificate lessons, and no formal qualifications are required.

If you would like to experience the wonders of flying a plane on your own and become a pilot for yourself, start your lessons at our pilot school in Brisbane today!

Become A Pilot - RA AUS Pilot Certificate

To become a pilot you will need to start your journey with an RA AUS Pilot Certificate which allows you to fly a two-seat recreational aircraft in uncontrolled airspace. Your flying is restricted to daylight hours only, and you will be able to travel within 25 nautical miles of the airspace.

From here you can progress further to obtain a Recreational Pilot Licence or a Private Pilot Licence if you wish to pilot an aircraft that has more than two seats with the freedom to fly further distances. Before you get to this stage, however, a Pilot Certificate is the perfect first stepping stone.

What Does Pilot Certificate Training Involve?


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Your RA AUS Pilot Certificate training involves both practical flight lessons and theory. Our RA AUS certified instructor starts by demonstrating how to operate the aircraft before you get hands on and try out the controls for yourself in our Sling aircraft. Our instructor will be sitting next to you the whole time and guiding you through each lesson while you get a handle on the controls.

As your confidence grows, you will then be able to fly solo – taking off, flying a circuit and landing on your own with instructor supervision. You will continue to fly with an instructor until your skills are up to standard to receive a Pilot Certificate. Make sure you also put aside time to prepare and study between pilot lessons so that you can achieve your Pilot Certificate sooner rather than later.

Do I Have What It Takes to Get a Pilot Certificate?

Anyone from the age of 14 and up can participate in training to receive a Pilot Certificate. As long as you are deemed to be competent and mature enough to take part in flight training, and you fully understand the requirements involved, you will be well on your way to succeeding in your flight lessons in Brisbane and beyond.

Obtaining your Pilot Certificate - Become a Pilot

Want to know how to become a pilot? Obtaining a Pilot Certificate is the most affordable and attainable way of getting there. Twenty hours of flying including five hours of solo flying is required to achieve your RA AUS Pilot Certificate. Over time, we have found that a more realistic timeframe to complete your Pilot Certificate is 30 hours, and this is what we have based our syllabus and pricing on.

Basic Training in Sling (34 lessons* x $377)


Before and After Flight Briefings


Landing Fees


RAAus Student Pilot Membership


Student Kit (Log Book, BAK Textbook, QRH, Map, SD Card, Charts plus more)


CASA Class 2 Medical Examination with DAME (approximate cost)


CASA Medical Processing Fee




*The syllabus and testing required to be awarded your Pilot Certificate is competency based and the actual hours taken to achieve competency will vary depending on your natural ability, individual rate of learning, frequency of lessons and your preparation and study between pilot lessons. It may take you less or more time.

Pilot Certificate Process

Learn to fly in the great Sling aircraft.
RA Aus Student Pilot Membership –
Anyone looking to receive a Pilot Certificate is required to hold this membership. RA Aus comes under the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and is responsible for the administration of light recreational and sports aviatio
n across Australia. Along with receiving multiple member benefits, the RA Aus membership also covers you for third party liability. We provide you with a membership application on your first day of training and fees associated with membership are included in the overall p

Student Kit – We give you everything you need to be a success in the air. Your starter kit includes a logbook for noting down your flight hours, a textbook for theory study, a quick reference handbook, map and SD card.

Sling 2 Archerfield Brisbane sunsetBasic Pilot School Training –
The core requirement for pilot training is to complete approximately 30 hours of basic flight training in our Sling aircraft. The amount of hours required to complete the training can vary depending on your individual rate of learning and competency levels.

Medical Examination & Criminal History Check You need to be in good health and have a clear criminal history before you can receive a Pilot Certificate. Both processes are necessary to ensure you will be able to operate an aircraft safely without endangering yourself or others.

Medical Requirements for Becoming a Pilot

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The usual medical requirements for RA AUS is that your health meets the requirements necessary to hold a car driver licence. As PathFinder Aviation operates at Archerfield Airport, you must pass a more rigorous CASA Class 2 Medical before you can be sent solo. This is a higher standard that may disqualify you if you have, or have had, a heart condition, diabetes, mental illness or other serious health issues.

If you’re not sure about passing this standard, then it is advisable to meet with a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) before you get too far into your training.

Payment Methods

No upfront payments or deposits are required. We try to keep it simple and affordable, to that end, all flying must be paid for on the day. We accept cash, EFTPOS and Credit Cards. We don’t charge you extra for  landing fees, Air Services, fuel surcharges, headset hire or credit card surcharges.

Receive your RA AUS Pilot Certificate from PathFinder Aviation

With our training school conveniently located at Archerfield Airport – just 20 minutes from the Brisbane CBD - and five trained and highly experienced instructors ready to show you how to become a pilot, Brisbane flying enthusiasts should turn to PathFinder Aviation when looking to receive a Pilot Certificate.

We provide top quality flying lessons and comprehensive training to ensure you feel confident in the air when you get certified. Give us a call on (07) 3255 5734 to start your Pilot Certificate training today!