Cross Country Endorsement – Navigation

Obtaining your Cross Country Endorsement

If the training area is not big enough for you, then navigation training and a Cross Country Endorsement is what you need.  We have tailored a course to give you the skills necessary in the minimum amount of flying time.  By spending more time with you on the ground one-on-one, we will assist you to acquire more of the required knowledge prior to getting in the plane saving you flying time and dollars.

Course Outline & Pricing

Navigation / Planning Mass Brief (6 hours) FREE
Navigation Kit (Nav Gear, Maps, ERSA, PPL textbook, etc.) $319
One-on-one Pre-nav Briefings (6 hours) $474
Dual Navigation Exercises (3 x 2.5 + 1 x 2 hours) $3032
RAAus Navigation & Meteorology Exam FREE
Solo Navigation Exercise (2.5 hours) $798
Navigation Test (2 hours) $638
TOTAL* $5261

*The syllabus and testing required to be awarded your RAAus Cross Country Endorsement is competency based and the actual hours taken to achieve competency will vary depending on your natural ability, individual rate of learning, frequency of lessons and your preparation and study between lessons.

Payment Methods

If you pay as you go, the total* cost is $5261.

If you pre-pay the course you receive a 6% discount and  the total* cost is $4945. If you Pre-pay the course but require any additional briefing or flying you will receive a 20% discount on the additional hours.

We don’t charge you extra for GST, landing fees, Air Services, fuel surcharges, headset hire or credit card fees.