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People learn to fly in Brisbane for many reasons. Some just for fun, some for a challenge, some as a necessity for living and working in remote areas, and others for a career in aviation, ranging from instructing to flying for the airlines. Whatever the reason, whatever the goal, our flight school can help you start out on the right path.

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Flying lessons in Brisbane are available to all ages, and the necessary skills you need to fly on your own and gain a Pilot Certificate or Pilot Licence are achieved through the training syllabus. Training can be undertaken full time or on a regular basis that suits your time and budget requirements.

Feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

Can I be a Pilot?

There are no age restrictions if you want to learn to fly an aircraft, but we recommend starting most of your lessons after the age of 14. If you wish to fly solo, you have to be at least 15 years old.

You are also never too old to chase your dreams of flying. We have even trained people in their seventies! So age is no excuse to turn away from the opportunity to take part in Brisbane flying lessons and become a recreational pilot.

Some people also worry that having glasses will hinder them when flying. Not at all!

In fact, you do not need perfect vision to fly a plane. As long as your sight is corrected to a sufficient standard and you wear your glasses while flying, it is not a problem.

How do I Start Flying Lessons?

If you are new to flying, your first step is to book an introductory flight in our aircraft to get a taste of controlling an aeroplane in the air first-hand.

Once you have completed an introductory flight and decided that flying is a passion that you would like to pursue, you can sign up for your flying lessons with us at PathFinder Aviation. You will learn to fly in Brisbane and be on the path to obtain a Pilot Certificate in no time.

Our Courses

We offer a range of options for students wanting to get started in aviation. Your needs are the most important considerations when we recommend the right path for your flying. Are you looking to eventually obtain a commercial licence or just fly locally with a friend. The best way to get started is give us a call so we can recommend the right path for you.

RA-Aus Pilot Certificate

Click here to learn about the Pilot Certificate


  • Initial flying lessons are affordable at $387, fixed price.
  • Hiring aircraft after you complete your certificate is cheaper per hour.
  • You can take one friend with you after you hold a passenger endorsement.
  • A cost effective way to hour build prior to obtaining a Commercial Pilot Licence.

Recreational Pilot Licence

Click here to learn about the Recreational Pilot Licence


  • You can fly a larger aircraft up to 1,500kg from day one.
  • You can fly solo in controlled airspace.
  • This is a great building block towards your Private Pilot Licence.

Private Pilot Licence

Click here to learn about the Private Pilot Licence


  • This allows you to fly all around Australia in controlled and uncontrolled airspace.
  • Internationally recognised licence.

Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR)

Contact us to learn more about getting your NVFR and a personal training plan.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

Contact us to learn more about getting your CPL and a personal training plan based on your current experience


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: 07 3255 5734

Do my Hours Count Towards my Private or Commercial Pilot Licence?


Learn to fly at archerfieldAll of the hours in our brand new Sling 2 aircraft count towards your Recreational, Private or Commercial Pilot Licence.

Even if you start flying lessons just for fun, you can always progress further in our flying school and obtain a Recreational Pilot Licence or Private Pilot Licence knowing your prior lessons count towards your new goal.

Learn to Fly Brisbane – RA-Aus Pilot Certificate

Learn to fly on the Sling aircraftThe first stage as you learn to fly. The RA-Aus Pilot Certificate allows you to fly an RA-Aus registered aircraft within 25 nautical miles of the airfield. When you start to learn to fly in Brisbane, you can achieve this stage and continue on to gain higher certification or a Pilot Licence at any time in the future.

Learn to Navigate – Cross Country Endorsement

From just $6526

Learn to fly on the Sling aircraftTo fly outside of the local area, you need a Cross Country Endorsement. This will take about 10 additional hours of training and then a Flight Test. You will then be able to fly all over the country excluding controlled airspace.

Take a Friend – Passenger Carriage Endorsement

From just $1248

Show off your skill and share the experience. The Passenger Carriage Endorsement allows you to fly with a passenger in a two-seat aircraft across Australia. This endorsement requires a further 5 hours as Pilot in Command. After completing a short flight test, you will be able to take a friend up with you.

Fly a Bigger Plane – Recreational Pilot Licence

Cessna 172Want to learn to fly Brisbane and Australia wide in a bigger plane? Once you get a taste for flying an aircraft on your own, you may want to expand your horizons and push your limits even further. Our flight school in Brisbane can get you the Pilot Licence you need.

Either the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) or Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is often the reason our students learn to fly in the first place. We provide the most affordable pathway to achieving this dream.

Our Students often save over $3000 compared to the traditional all GA training without any loss in training quality.

After completing the first stages of your flying lessons in Brisbane with us in our Sling aircraft, you will finish your remaining training and testing in our Cessna 172.

Visit the Recreational Pilot Licence and Private Pilot Licence pages to find out more about what you can expect when completing these licences, the benefits of each, and the new skills and privileges you will gain once your licence is obtained.

Which Pilot Licence Should I Choose?

This depends on what you hope to get out of your flying lessons and how much you wish to pay for your certificate or licence.

If you’re happy just to fly within the training area which includes Stradbroke Island, Redlands, Beaudesert and Logan areas or within 25 nautical miles from the airport, an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate is all you need.

If you wish to fly across Australia, you will need to step up to a Cross Country Endorsement. Or if you would like to extend your reach further and be able to land in and fly out of major airports, a Recreational or Private Pilot Licence is the answer.

The good thing is, you don’t have to decide right away. You can start lessons for a higher level of certification at any time and your previous experience will count towards your flying lessons.

I Have my Pilot Certificate/Licence – Now What?

If you’ve received your Pilot Certificate/Licence, that doesn’t mean you should stop flying just because you reached your goal. To ensure you continue to be a good pilot and remain safe in the air, you should continue to fly regularly. We recommend spending at least one hour per month practising your handling skills and emergency procedures.

There are also legal requirements in place to maintain your Pilot Certificate/Licence. You are required to complete a flight review with an instructor every 2 years. You also need to complete 3 take-offs and landings within 90 days to be able to carry a passenger with you.

All of these measures are in place for your safety, so make sure the money and time you spent obtaining your Pilot Certificate/Licence is worthwhile by continuing to maintain your flying experience well after receiving your Certificate/Licence.

Learn to fly on the Sling aircraft

Hire a Plane After Receiving your Pilot Licence

As a former student, once you have received your Pilot Licence, you probably don’t have a plane of your own you can fly regularly. Feel free to come back and visit us at PathFinder Aviation to hire out a plane to build on your skills.

Book Flying Lessons in Brisbane with PathFinder Aviation

If you are looking for a flying school where you can learn to fly Brisbane wide in safety with highly skilled instructors, PathFinder Aviation is your best choice.

If you have any questions or enquiries about our training or the costs involved when having flying lessons with us, please contact us using the form to the right. You can also email or phone us on (07) 3255 5734.