Griffith Aviation Take Flight Program

The aircraft you will complete your Griffith Aviation Take Flight Program in.

Griffith Aviation Take Flight Program

What is the Griffith Aviation Take Flight Program?

Gain hands on flight experience to complement your Griffith Aviation studies.

Go for solo in a powered aircraft with our Take Flight Program.

Receive 10 Credit Points towards the Bachelor of Aviation as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This will fulfil a first year elective subject.

Why Should I do It?

Maximise the value of the time and effort of your University studies by integrating the practical experience of flying with your studies. This will give you a solid foundation and framework for greater understanding, application and correlation of your knowledge. Also early exposure to flying will allow you to begin to develop a network of friends and contacts in the industry.

This program has been run successfully with Griffith University since 2014.

How does the program work?

Learn how to fly at Archerfield and gain hands on flight experience and a better grasp of the hows and whys of flying, making you a safer pilot. Flying a plane is fun and this program will help you achieve your first solo flight in a powered aircraft. Flights can be scheduled each week around your Uni and work commitments.

Throughout the program you will take the Pre-Solo Air Law, Radio and BAK exams. The study for these exams is integral to the program. We will assist you by providing study materials, answering your questions, tutoring and providing practice exams. Upon completion of the program you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and receive 10 credit points to fulfil the requirements of a first year Bachelor of Aviation elective subject.  Between the flying and the required study, you will need to devote around 10 hours per week to the program.

How much will it cost with PathFinder Aviation?

Typically, this will take 15 hours of flight training in our Sling aircraft, which will cost $5504.

The syllabus and testing required to complete the Take Flight Program is competency based and the actual hours taken to achieve competency will vary depending on your natural ability, individual rate of learning, frequency of lessons and your preparation and study between lessons. 

You will save over $1000 on your HECS by not having to do the Uni Subject. You will also have a head start on your flying training.

PathFinder Aviation always delivers the best Value. We don't charge extra on top of our low cost. Theory briefings, landing fees, fuel charges, headset hire and credit card fees are all included.