Student Resources

Student Resources

PF Exam Guides

document-icon   PFA PC Exam Guide ATC Book
document-icon   PFA PC Exam Guide Bob Tait Book
document-icon   PFA Sling Circuit Diagram


Air Services Documents 

document-icon     Airservices AIP Enroute

document-icon    Airservices AIP General

document-icon     Airservices Decoding the TAF

document-icon     Airservices ERSA YBAF


Bureau of Meteorology 

document-icon    Graphical Area Forecast - User Guide

document-icon   Graphical ARFOR

document-icon     Temperature Grid Point

NZ CAA logo

CAA Advanced Manoeuvres Documents

document-icon     Steep Turns

document-icon    Advanced Stalling

document-icon     Maximum Rate Turns

document-icon     Wing-drop stalling

document-icon     Short-field Takeoff & Landing

document-icon     Low Flying Introduction

document-icon     Low Flying Consolidation

document-icon     Pre cautionary Landing

document-icon     Terrain & Weather Awareness

document-icon     Basic Mountain Flying

CAA Basic Concepts Documents

document-icon     Taxiing

document-icon    Effects of Controls

document-icon     Straight and Level

document-icon     Climbing and Descending

document-icon     Medium, Climbing and Descending Turns

document-icon     Slow Flight

document-icon     Basic Stalling

CAA Circuit Training Documents

document-icon     Circuit Introduction

document-icon    Circuit Considerations

document-icon     Engine Failure after Takeoff

document-icon     Flapless Landings

document-icon     Crosswind Circuit

document-icon     Glide Approach

document-icon     Vacating and Joining Aerodromes

document-icon     Radio Failure


  Forced Landing without Power Pattern

document-icon     Forced Landing without Power Considerations

CAA Instrument Flying Documents

document-icon     Compass Use

document-icon    Introduction

document-icon     Limited Panel

document-icon     Unusual Attitudes

document-icon     Night Flying


CASA Documents

document-icon     CASA Aeroplane Endorsement Questionnaire

document-icon    CASA Archerfield Visual Pilot Guide

document-icon   CASA CAAP CTAF Radio Procedures
document-icon   CASA Flight Test Form
document-icon     CASA Maintenance Guide for Pilots

document-icon     CASA Visual Flight Rules Guide

FAA logo

FAA Documents 


  Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge


RA Aus Documents 


  Operations Manual

Rotax logo

Rotax Aircraft Documents 


  Engine Operators Manual

Sling TAF Logo

Sling 2 and Sling LSA Maintenance Documents 


  Sling 2 and Sling LSA Maintenance Manual


GAP Pilot Operating Handbook


  Pilot Operating Handbook